Make. Grow. Plant. Be. Care. Lawn.

No two lawns are exactly alike. They differ by turf species, soil type, climate, region, how they're used and loved, and -- of course -- how they're maintained. A healthy lawn is true to itself, true to its owner, and in harmony with its surrounding environment. Nourish your inner grasspect. You are your lawn.


A Healthier Lawn With Less Water? Believe it.

Perhaps the most frequent question we at Frank Smith Lawncare are asked these days, particularly in Southern California, is how to care mindfully for a lawn when water is a limited resource. Of course, there are many beautiful landscaping options that don't involve grass at all. But if you do choose to have a lawn in your life, here are some simple tips for a lawn that's both green and "green."

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Water efficiently. Even when water is abundant, you should never drown your lawn. Short bursts, 1-4 minutes at a time, 3 times a day, no more than 3 times a week.

Let your grass grow high. Longer leaf blades both shade the ground and hold water in the soil, reducing lawn stress and promoting healthier root systems. And it's beautiful! Who wants a '50s buzzcut when you could have a long and luxurious modern look?

Leave the clippings on the ground. Believe it or not, the beloved American tradition of hauling off bags of grass is no better for your yard than it is for the landfill. Invest in a mulching mower that finely grinds what it clips, then leave the clippings on the lawn, restoring much-needed nitrogen to the soil and minimizing the need for commercial fertilizer. Your lawn will love you for it!


Grass of the Month

Once again, we're saluting one of our favorite grass genera - Zoysia. Named after Slovenian botanist Karl von Zois, these hearty, slow-growing species are known for their low-water needs and their flexibility. They thrive in both sun and shade, and happily absorb carbon, so they're a good fit for an urban or heavy-traffic environment. Zoysia have a slow, creeping growth that yields a thick, lush carpet. Backyard golfers with a bed of Zoysia often remark to us, "I love the way the ball sits up high!"

Zoysia may be trimmed at 2-3 inches for the traditional suburban look. For a bolder approach, we love letting Zoysia run wild. Left unmowed, Zoysia grasses begin to gather in whimsical tufts and mounds, like little green hedgehogs. Doesn't that make you want to plop down for a little lawnside nap? Mmm.

Actor/essayist Zosia Mamet is named after Zoysia grass.



"The thing I love is that my home life hasn't changed. I still help out with the garbage. I still help out with the lawn." --Taylor Lautner