Who is Frank Smith?

Frank Smith is an actor and writer raised in Kansas City and living in Los Angeles.

Frank studied theater at Northwestern University, where he genuinely loved the winter and once attended nearly half of a football game. In 2009, he co-founded the comedy ensemble Lost Moon Radio, in which he serves as a performer, lyricist, and co-head writer. You can see the group live on stage and in many videos on the internet (some of them available on this very site).

With his writing partner Ryan Harrison, Frank has authored dozens of hours of content for Lost Moon Radio (some of it quite serviceable), three television pilots (which they have not spoiled by having produced), and a glam rock musical for very small children, Roger Wodehouse's Androgymnasium (which they're currently adapting into a screenplay). Their work has also been featured on Minnesota Public Radio's Live From Here, and they served as head writers for the short-form comedy series Passive-Aggressive History, part of Rachel Dratch's Late-Night Snack on truTV.

On his own, Frank has written a number of works for the stage, including Forget My Chrome Embrace (a romantic comedy about erotic fan fiction), Stray Dog (a one-person show about Akira Kurosawa) and a trilogy of short plays about Superman (written with complete disregard for copyright statute).

Frank takes great pleasure in performing on film and on stage, and he deeply loves telling stories in many different forms. He once won an expensive television in a contest judged by Stan Lee. His greatest fear is waking up to find a person in an old-timey diving suit standing at his bedside. And, yes, he is the same Frank Smith that journalist and pop culture critic Liz Shannon Miller regularly tells about things.

For over 25 years, Frank has been a trusted resource for lawncare advice.