Rachel Dratch's Late Night Snack:                Buzz Aldrin, Orville Wright,    truTV
Passive Aggressive History                       The Apostle Peter, Etc.               


In Absentia - "The Anniversary"                  Fred                            Light And Shadow Pictures
Bear Story (Short)                               Dave                            Psychic Bunny
The Secret Life of Me (Feature)                  Shower Guest                    Riccardo De Los Rios / Laurie Shearing
Ken Burns's Ken Burns (Short)                    Doug Smalls, DC                 Lost Moon Radio Prods.
Grand Zero (Short)                               Joe Batherson                   Michigan Stories
The Diary of Charles Darwin                      Charles Darwin                  Lost Moon Radio Prods.
Meter Maids - “Guten Tag”                        The German                      Grumpy Panda Films
Lewis and Clark (Web series)                     William Clark                   Lost Moon Radio Prods.
Till My Skin Turns Blue                          Carl                            Zappala Productions
Who Invited Count Orlock?                        Count Orlock                    Atrox Productions
Zombie High (Spec TV Pilot)                      Mr. Climenhaga                  BergerWin Productions
Nortel LearniT                                   Host                            Psychic Bunny
I, Roommate                                      Steve                           Atrox Productions


Lost Moon Radio (Sketch show)                    Performer/Head Writer           Lost Moon Radio Prods.      Los Angeles
Roger Wodehouse's Androgymnasium                 Mr Train, Harmony Vile          Lost Moon Radio Prods.      Los Angeles
Lucid Sound                                      Simeon                          Sight Unseen Theatre GroupLos Angeles
Slow and Tight                                   Kippy                           Sacred Fools Theatre        Los Angeles
Monster                                          William Frankenstein            Sight Unseen Theatre GroupLos Angeles
A is for Aardvark                                Jimmy                           The Cherry Lane Theater     New York
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County  Jim Smiley                      Delicious Theater Group     New York
The Reluctant Dragon                             Glaston                         The Coterie Theatre         Kansas City
MEE-OW (Sketch/Improv show)                      Performer/Writer                McCormick Theater           Evanston, IL
Stray Dog: A One Man Show                        Akira Kurosawa                  The Wallis Theatre          Evanston, IL


Transformation (Documentary)                     1950s Narrator                  MTV
“125 in 125” (Commercial)                        Narrator                        The Educational Alliance (NYC)
Freeq (Video game)                               Various Characters              Code Name, Los Angeles, CA
Radio Free Cowtown (Radio Serial)                Kirby McRill                    KCUR 89.3 FM, Kansas City Public Radio
Get A Clue (Radio Play)                          Various Characters              KCUR 89.3 FM, Kansas City Public Radio


Northwestern University, B.S. in Theater (Acting: Mary Poole; Playwriting: Laura Schellhardt)
The Marymount London Drama Program, 2001


Improv and sketch writing. Dialects (British RP, Cockney, Staten Island, American Southern).
Working from a Teleprompter.
Impression of Jim Morrison giving a White House tour.